Jakob’s main focus is as a composer of contemporary classical music for concert and stage-productions. But he is also engaged in electronic music, as a performer on various musical instruments and as a conductor.

Recent projects a residency with SLEDGE DUO at Young Nordic Music Festival in Reykjavik and “Oslo Hardcore vol. I” for KRÆKK in Oslo.

Ongoing projects include lead guitar for the Gothenburg-based hardcore punk-band Ronöm and performer of mixed objects and instruments in SLEDGE DUO – duo for contemporary music

Upcoming projects include the premiere of “symfoni I” by Insimul Sinfonietta, a project with contemporary music for children in collab with Trio Vario and a large part of 2023 will be spent writing a new chamber opera called “what comes after?” supported by Fegerstenstiftelsen.

You can read more about Jakob’s background and style here.