The brutalist manifest – the 13 commandments of musical brutalism

1. Strive to reach the unthinkable.

2. Above all else, what matters the most is the energy of the music.

3. If the piece only focuses on one musical idea it cannot be longer than four minutes, this includes parts of longer pieces.

4. If a piece is longer than four minutes it must have dynamic changes, the longer the piece then the bigger the dynamic changes need to be.

5. A lack of technology typically serves the art more than complicated technology.

6. Can absolutely not feature any overly complicated concepts or aspects. If there is a concept, it must be clear enough to be understood by people without university degrees in composition.

7. The worst thing art can be is boring.

8. Do not shy away from the extreme, but aim to create a wider interest.

9. Presentation is everything.

10. Reject any and all deeper meanings and abstract concepts.

11. Sees itself as a continuation of music history, and is not opposed to older musical ideas.

12. Brutalism aims to live on its own terms, and does not mind being called modernist or traditional. The harsh philosophies of both those movements have no significance.

13. There is no creativity, there is no genius. There is only work.