Jakob Thonander Glans (b.1998) describes himself as a brutalist composer – linking his art to the style of brutalist architecture. As it is often bold, cold, and heavy. He focuses on simplistic yet powerful composition techniques. Often incorporating extreme dynamics and a punkish harshness and simplicity. His music ranges from extremely dissonant to very consonant and is not strictly experimental nor traditional. Often incorporating theatrical elements and non-musical direction. Whatever he writes he keeps a straight-forward attitude and opposes complicated concepts. His music is a clear consequence of his background from the underground punk-scene and and he states that his most important mission is to attempt to create “extreme instantaneous reactions utilizing brutal, comical or sentimental aspects”. 

Jakob has worked with a number of ensembles, musicians and institutions spanning Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Poland, USA, Croatia, Spain and England. Ensembles he has, or is working with include: the Swedish Chamber Orchestra, Trio Brax, Ensemble GAEA, K!ART, Gageego!, Gothenburg Wind Orchestra, Titania, Ensemble Matters, KRÆKK and Insimul Sinfonietta. He is a board-member of Ny-musikk komponistgruppe and a member of the Norwegian composers union (komponistforeningen).

He graduated from The Academy of Music and Drama in Gothenburg, Sweden with a bachelor’s degree in composition spring 2021. Previously he has also done an ERASMUS student-exchange to The Chopin University of Music in Warsaw, Poland and studied at the music folk-high-school Toneheim folkehøyskole in Ridabu, Norway. His teachers include Rune Rebne, Ole Lützow-Holm, Malin Bång, Dariusz Przybylski and Esaias Järnegard.

He was born and raised in Oslo, Norway. But currently he splits his life between Gothenburg, Sweden, Warsaw, Poland and Oslo.  He mainly resides in Warsaw but frequently travels to Scandinavia as he considers it his artistic base. Jakob is a full time freelance musician and holds no other occupation.